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The industries we support have a profound impact on people's lives. These industries provide fundamental services and infrastructure that simplify and enhance everyones daily life. At Layline Automation, we recognize the importance of this responsibility and do not take it for granted.

We’re passionate about empowering organizations to perform at their peak so they can provide exceptional service to their customers. 

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Founded in 2013, Layline Automation delivers Systems Engineering Solutions, as well as Infrastructure and Project Management Services to solve complex challenges for many critical industries.

Our experts provide innovative and proven solutions that drive real results for our customers. We understand that every business and project is unique, and work closely with our clients to design and implement solutions that exceed their specific needs.

By building a strong community of team members, clients, and partners, we’re able to support your existing business and beyond, helping you execute complex projects on time, on budget, with a deeper sense of purpose, providing society with critical and essential services.
Meet the Leadership Team
We are driven by our passion for technological and operational advancement and desire to maximize positive outcomes.
Skip McCormack
CEO and Founder
Skip is a serial entrepreneur, having founded three successful companies serving various industries. He has worked in Operational Technologies for 20+ years and has significant OT systems and infrastructure expertise. Skip holds a BS in Information Systems Management from Jack Baskin’s School of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz.

Fun fact: Skip is a successful sailing professional. He was a Navigator and Program Manager for multi-national offshore racing teams. Skip’s professional career culminated in 2015, setting records up and down the West Coast of North America and a Los Angeles to Honolulu World Record run on a 105’ Trimaran, Lending Club 2.  
James Whitfield, Ph.D
James has 20+ years of experience in the development of large scale, complex OT solutions. He was instrumental in the development of one of the worlds leading Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems. James holds a Ph.D. from Purdue University and was previously a Research Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University.

Fun fact: While at CMU, James developed simulations of large-scale particle detectors, one of which was instrumental in the discovery or a new form of matter called Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP).
Alex Hvisc
Sr. Systems Engineering Manager
Alex is an experienced controls systems engineering industry professional. He has 10+ years designing and successfully executing control system and SCADA projects for various industries. He specializes in large SCADA migration and upgrade projects for major utilities. Alex holds a BS in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Controls Systems from California State University, Sacramento.

Fun Fact: Alex supports local STEM programs helping young adults design and build robotics projects.
Samantha Petru
Sr. Operations Manager
Samantha began her career supporting Advanced Smart Grid and Grid Modernization projects in Pacific Gas and Electric’s EPIC project portfolio.  Samantha’s career quickly transitioned from a Business and IT Project Analyst into an OT Project Manager role, managing legacy SCADA and ADMS Migration projects as well as IT Lifecycle projects. Samantha currently manages day-to-day operations at Layline.

Fun Fact: Samantha loves to spend time in her garden and supporting her son’s baseball and football teams.
Our Mission
To provide superior systems engineering and infrastructure services that extend the digital capabilities of customers’ operational technologies while providing exceptional customer experience.
Our Core Values
We believe it takes the strength of community to solve today's toughest problems. At Layline, we see working together as fundamental to successful outcomes. That’s why we consider everyone working on a Layline project as critical partners, building an integral community, and working together to improve the lives of the team members, as well as the customers we serve.

By fostering a sense of shared values, purpose, and belonging, a strong community can provide support, inspiration, and growth opportunities for everyone involved.

By collaborating with our customers to identify and resolve complex issues, we strengthen our relationships and build trust that leads to long-term partnerships. We navigate hurdles and obstacles to get the job done.

By fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity, we create a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone can feel valued, heard, and empowered to succeed.

Whether through volunteering, advocacy, or simply extending a helping hand, we believe our actions can create a ripple effect that inspires others to follow suit and make a difference in the world.

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