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Perks and Benefits
Happy and healthy employees are the lifeblood of our company. Here’s what you can expect working at Layline Automation.
• Work from anywhere
• Healthy work-life balance
• Flexible schedule
• Generous benefits package
• Opportunities for professional growth
• Freedom to experiment and push boundaries
• Make a positive impact
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Why settle for less in your career? If you want to do your best work and experiment with new ideas and exciting projects, Layline Automation could be the next step in your professional journey.
Layline Automation employee at work
In our experience, you get the best results when everyone believes they matter beyond the work they do. What makes our team great is not only the A+ talent with a knack for problem-solving and specialized technical expertise, but also that we’re a community that fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie.
  This is where curiosity and creativity are rewarded
"Values-based leadership, kind and collaborative teams, passion for serving the customer, smart and energized people, a culture of continuous my 10+ years of experience, you're lucky if you score one or two of these. Layline checks every one of these boxes which motivates me to step up my game and better serve our industries and communities. Fun and work can be part of the same sentence, and it certainly is at Layline Automation."
Phil Fritz
Engineering Services Manager
Be a part of a team that makes a difference.
We’re growing, and we want you to join us on the journey.