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Transitioning a Legacy SCADA System to a New ADMS
During a recent project, we assisted a Utility customer in transitioning from a legacy SCADA system to a new Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS).

Their SCADA engineers and technicians required training on the new ADMS prior to making it fully operational. During this transition period, an external team from Layline Automation was engaged to provide support for the legacy system while internal resources were trained and migrated to the new ADMS. To facilitate a smooth transition, both the legacy SCADA System and the new ADMS were operated in parallel. The internal SCADA engineers and technicians underwent extensive training on the new system before taking over its management in production.

Layline Automation was brought on board to support the legacy SCADA system while internal resources were migrated to the new ADMS. We developed new processes and procedures to prepare the different internal organizations for the transition to the new system. A software clearing house was established for all legacy system requests. This enabled Layline Automation to assign appropriate resources to tasks based on employee skill levels, leading to a comprehensive management of the operational SCADA system, in parallel with ADMS development.

Thanks to our partnership with this customer, internal resources were successfully transitioned to the new ADMS. Operations and field crews received excellent uninterrupted service, yielding a reduction in response times to less than 24 hours. This collaboration between Layline Automation and our customer's operations team resulted in an effective process for transitioning employees to the ADMS while maintaining operational excellence and efficiency with the legacy SCADA system.
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